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Fuel Catalyst Additives: How Making Your Car's Fuel Burn Cleaner Can Help Improve Performance And Gas Mileage

by Genesis Williamson

Fuel catalyst additives see frequent use in mining and other industrial sectors. They make the process of combustion more complete, which reduces emissions and improves performance. This lets companies save money by reducing their overall fuel costs for the heavy equipment they're operating. However, they're also very useful for motorists as well — they're an inexpensive and simple way to boost your car's fuel mileage. To learn more about how your car's engine works and why using a fuel catalyst additive can enhance its performance, read on.

How Does a Combustion Engine Work?

Your car's engine works on the principle of combustion. Gasoline and diesel fuel contain hydrogen and carbon atoms, which are combined with outside air and an ignition source from your car's spark plugs in order to combust them. In a perfect scenario, all of the hydrogen and carbon atoms contained in the gasoline would combine with oxygen to form water and carbon dioxide along with energy.

However, combustion is never complete in real-world scenarios. There are a number of byproducts that are produced during the reaction that aren't carbon dioxide or water. These include hydrocarbon gases, carbon monoxide, and carbon atoms. These byproducts reduce air quality, and they don't produce as much energy compared to creating water and carbon dioxide in full combustion.

How Do Fuel Catalyst Additives Improve Combustion?

The main reason why engines don't fully combust fuel is that the air and fuel mixture doesn't spend very long in the combustion chamber. The results of the combustion process are quickly vented through your car's exhaust, and then more fuel and air are added to the chamber to support the next piston stroke.

Fuel catalyst additives help to solve this problem. Catalysts, in a chemical reaction, are a substance that helps speed up the rate at which the reaction occurs. Using a fuel catalyst additive, combustion occurs quicker and more completely.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Fuel Catalyst Additive?

The main benefit of using a fuel catalyst additive is that you'll reduce harmful emissions produced by your vehicle. Modern vehicles have catalytic converters in their exhaust systems which act to filter out the harmful byproducts of combustion such as carbon monoxide. However, a fuel catalyst additive significantly reduces the amount of these byproducts that are produced during the combustion process in the first place.

An additional benefit of using a fuel catalyst additive is increased fuel mileage and engine power. As mentioned above, these byproducts of incomplete combustion don't produce as much energy. When you reduce the likelihood of them forming, more of your fuel will be used in a productive manner instead of being wasted to create harmful byproducts.

Overall, fuel catalyst additives are an easy way to increase the power of your car's engine, improve your gas mileage, and reduce harmful emissions. You simply add them to your tank every time you fill up in order to make sure that the catalysts are present in your fuel mixture. They're inexpensive and available for both gasoline and diesel engines, which makes them easily accessible to every motorist. If you'd like to improve your fuel mileage and help the environment at the same time, make sure you're using fuel catalyst additives in your vehicle.


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