Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

Reasons To Incorporate A Hands-Free Infotainment System With A Factory Radio

by Genesis Williamson

If you still have the factory radio that came with your vehicle, one way you can upgrade it is incorporating a hands-free infotainment system with it. For example, you could install an Apple CarPlay system on a factory radio. Then you'll have a lot of amazing capabilities that weren't previously possible.

Reduce Distractions and Enhance Driving Safety  

You always want to be safe when driving solo or with others on the road. There are a bunch of ways you can enhance your vehicle's safety, but one of the easiest and more impactful is setting up a hands-free infotainment system with your factory radio.

Since it does have a hands-free design, you can use just your voice when operating the system to change music or get directions. Your hands will stay put, and that keeps you in control of your vehicle, even when you are multi-tasking and enjoying a bunch of various entertainment options on the go.

Manage an On-The-Go Daily Calendar

A lot of people rely on calendars each day because it helps them keep upcoming events organized. If you're one of these people, then you might want to utilize a hands-free infotainment system with your factory radio.

You'll gain access to a daily calendar system, which will show what you have coming up on your factory's radio if it relies on a digital screen. This makes calendar management a much more convenient process compared to keeping up with a physical calendar.

You'll also have calendar capabilities wherever you are on the road. If you're a business professional that travels to a lot of different destinations, this calendar feature will have a huge impact on your driving experiences. 

Select and Manage Audiobooks in a Convenient Manner

If you're a fan of audiobooks, you may want to listen to them during your travels in a vehicle. You can improve your ability to select and manage this multimedia when you invest in a hands-free infotainment system made to work with your factory radio.

As soon as you want to switch over to an audiobook instead of music, you can simply say which book you want to listen to through your factory radio. The infotainment system will respond instantly. You can do other things using your voice, too, such as pausing and changing the audiobooks at any time.

One of the best upgrades to make with an older vehicle is syncing up the factory radio with a hands-free infotainment system. This isn't hard to do and can give you some amazing features to enjoy moving forward. 


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