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Six Indications That You May Need To Replace Your Chevy Corvette Exhaust System

by Genesis Williamson

Your Chevy Corvette exhaust system is essential to proper vehicle functioning because it channels exhaust gas safely out of your vehicle. Problems with your exhaust system could eventually lead to engine damage and poor gas mileage. It's therefore important to address them as soon as possible.

The following are six indications that your vehicle is having exhaust troubles and could require a new exhaust system. 

There are gas or burnt-smelling odors coming from your engine.

One possible cause of exhaust system damage or malfunction is that your gasket is failing and leaking coolant onto your engine, wiring, or other components under your hood. When this happens, engine heat could create a burnt smell.

Another unusual odor that could indicate exhaust troubles is the smell of gas in your vehicle cabin. Smelling gas fumes while you're driving is unsafe and unhealthy. Gas fumes are a sign that your exhaust tubing or pipes are damaged and leaking.  

Engine noise is abnormally loud.

Loud noise during vehicle operation is a common symptom of exhaust problems. Engine noise could indicate damage to your manifold gasket, muffler, or other exhaust system components.

It's important to have your exhaust system inspected promptly if you notice unusually loud noises during vehicle operation. 

Your vehicle's exhaust pipe appears to be displaced.

Sometimes, exhaust damage occurs because an obstacle strikes parts of the exhaust system on a vehicle's undercarriage. When this happens, damaged parts need to be replaced.

If your exhaust pipe seems to be hanging down and dragging on the ground or close to the ground, you need to have exhaust parts replaced. 

You car is not as efficient as it used to be.

If your vehicle is going through a full tank of gas more quickly than it used to, your exhaust system could be damaged. An inefficient vehicle could cost you a lot at the pump, so it's important to have the issue addressed quickly. 

Your vehicle isn't accelerating like it used to.

Over time, a faulty exhaust system detracts from engine performance. If your vehicle doesn't speed up quickly anymore, you may have an exhaust leak that needs to be addressed. 

You can feel an unusual vibration coming from your steering wheel or pedals.

Another common sign of exhaust problems is increased vibration. If you notice unusually strong vibration in your pedals, steering wheel, or even in your car seat, you might have an exhaust problem. 


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