Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

3 Reasons You Need an RV Windshield Cover

by Genesis Williamson

Access to an RV gives you the ability to travel with all the amenities of home. An RV has unique maintenance needs that must be met if you want your vehicle to remain in good condition throughout the years.

The windshield is one component that often gets overlooked when it comes to RV maintenance. Investing in a quality windshield cover could help you extend the life of your RV and ensure your comfort when you are traveling down the road in the future.

1. UV Protection

Penetrating sunlight has the potential to wreak havoc on your RV. Many components found inside your RV are made from plastic. These plastic components can fade or crack with prolonged exposure to UV rays.

A windshield cover can prevent UV rays from penetrating your RV whenever the vehicle is parked. The dashboard, door handles, refrigerator handles, and vents will all remain in good working condition when you make the choice to use an RV windshield cover.

2. Privacy

An RV gives you the ability to travel to a variety of different places. One trip may take you to an isolated camping spot in the mountains, while another might take you to a crowded RV park.

The windshield can offer an unobstructed view into your RV. Anyone passing by will be able to see into your temporary living space, causing discomfort and creating a safety risk. The addition of a windshield cover to your RV can significantly increase the amount of privacy you will enjoy when spending time in your RV.

3. Temperature Control

Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your RV can be a challenge. A windshield cover offers you the benefit of being able to block out sunlight on warm days. Creating a barrier between the heat of the sun and your RV's interior can reduce ambient temperatures inside the RV.

You will be able to use less electrical power when running your cooling system if you have a windshield cover in place. This reduces the cost of keeping your RV comfortable and allows you to enjoy your road trips more fully.

RV windshield covers come in many different styles. You can choose an external cover that snaps into place or an interior cover that can be fitted to your windshield. Regardless of the style of windshield cover you choose, adding a cover to your RV can be beneficial in extending the life of your RV.


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