Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

3 Places to Mount a Car Magnet

by Genesis Williamson

If you run your own business, your car can be an effective tool for marketing. Instead of having the vehicle wrapped with your local and some branding information, consider getting a few magnet signs made up instead. Many sign companies can produce a wide range of sizes and shapes of car magnets, so you'll have no trouble choosing products that will complement the size of your vehicle.

Here are some places on your vehicle that can be perfect for mounting a car magnet.


The common place that people mount magnet signs on their vehicles is on the doors. You'll typically want to get a pair of matching signs so that you can attach one to each side of the vehicle — for example, on both front doors. The door is an effective place to attach your car magnet because of its visibility. In a parking lot, the sign will be visible if you make a point of parking at the end of a row. When your car is in your driveway, your neighbors and people traveling up and down your street will easily be able to see the car magnets on your doors, too.


Don't discount the value of getting a smaller car magnet made up that you can place on the trunk of your vehicle. This magnet can be perfect if you spend a lot of time driving, because people will often be stopped behind you at intersections and will notice your car magnet. Given that you'll probably put your phone number on this magnet, you might even occasionally get phone calls from other motorists who have recently spotted you and wish to learn more about your services. The size of your trunk will influence the size of magnet that you choose. If you drive a pickup truck, you can choose a large magnet that covers much of the tailgate.


While it might seem a little unconventional to place a magnet on the roof of your car, there's definitely value in doing so in certain situations. For example, if you live in an apartment or condo and you typically park in an outdoor lot adjacent to the building, people will be able to see your vehicle — and the sign on its roof — from their balconies and windows. Car magnets on your door or trunk will be difficult to see from such a vantage point.


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