Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Tinted Film To Your Car's Windows

by Genesis Williamson

Whether you want to give your car a face-lift or need to block out some of the sun while you are driving, you may have decided to try putting tinted film on your windows. However, before you start peeling and applying the film, make sure that you do not make the following mistakes that could adversely impact the finished job.

1.  Neglecting to Thoroughly Clean the Glass 

Before you apply the tinted film, you may know that you need to clean the glass. You may decide to simply spray the windows with a glass cleaner and wipe them dry with a paper towel, believing that these steps will be enough to remove the dirt and grime from the glass.

However, while using a glass cleaner is a good idea, it should not be your first step. And, since paper towels can leave dust and paper particles behind, using them can interfere with the adhesiveness of the film.

To thoroughly clean car windows' glass, begin by washing your car with soapy water made from a mild, grease-cutting detergent that will help remove any oil or grease residue on the glass. Then, clean the windows with the glass cleaner, but instead of paper towels, use a chamois cloth or cloth diaper to dry the glass. Either of these will be less likely to leave any tiny particles behind.

2.  Forgetting to Spray the Window With Water Before Applying the Tint

After you clean your windows, you may think that you can start unpeeling the back of the tint and start putting it on the glass. However, while you could do this, you may find that you are making the job harder than it should be.

If you put tinted film on dry glass and a part of it sticks accidentally, you will be hard-pressed to remove it without tearing it. Also, the film's adhesive will not stick as solidly to a completely dry surface.

To counteract these problems, spray a mist of water on the glass right before you start applying the tint. If a piece does fall on the wet glass, you will be able to move it around more easily. And, since the wetness activates the adhesive, the tint will have a better chance of sticking for a longer period of time without coming loose.  

Avoiding the above mistakes and taking time to fully prepare the glass for the film can increase your chances for a smooth finish and long-lasting application. If you have any questions about applying window tint, speak with a representative with the auto accessory store from which you purchased the film.

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