Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

  • 3 Helpful Tips When Choosing a License Plate Frame

    The license plate on your vehicle plays an important identification role. You thus need to keep it protected at all times, which you can do with a license plate frame. There are many options available today, but you can make the right purchase using these tips.  1. Make Sure Material Is Durable So that you don't have to keep replacing this new license plate frame over and over, look for a durable one.

  • Recharge During A Road Trip

    Access to sleeping quarters inside of your van may limit your need to drive alternate routes in search of a hotel. If you and your partner share the driving responsibilities during each trip, having a semi-private area will allow each of you to recharge after a heavy driving stint. Use a do-it-yourself van conversion kit to assist you with performing the interior upgrade. Assess Your Van's Interior A makeshift sleeping area may consist of a wooden or a metal frame that is suspended along one interior wall in your van.

  • 2 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Tinted Film To Your Car's Windows

    Whether you want to give your car a face-lift or need to block out some of the sun while you are driving, you may have decided to try putting tinted film on your windows. However, before you start peeling and applying the film, make sure that you do not make the following mistakes that could adversely impact the finished job. 1.  Neglecting to Thoroughly Clean the Glass  Before you apply the tinted film, you may know that you need to clean the glass.

  • 3 Places to Mount a Car Magnet

    If you run your own business, your car can be an effective tool for marketing. Instead of having the vehicle wrapped with your local and some branding information, consider getting a few magnet signs made up instead. Many sign companies can produce a wide range of sizes and shapes of car magnets, so you'll have no trouble choosing products that will complement the size of your vehicle. Here are some places on your vehicle that can be perfect for mounting a car magnet.

  • 3 Reasons You Need an RV Windshield Cover

    Access to an RV gives you the ability to travel with all the amenities of home. An RV has unique maintenance needs that must be met if you want your vehicle to remain in good condition throughout the years. The windshield is one component that often gets overlooked when it comes to RV maintenance. Investing in a quality windshield cover could help you extend the life of your RV and ensure your comfort when you are traveling down the road in the future.

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    Show Your Style. Accessorize Your Ride

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